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This will run a dsquery on the username you enter, display the groups in a text file and delete the text file once completed. The benefit is being able to extract all the groups of the desired user's account under the 'Member Of' tab and copy & paste them into another user. So you can gather the groups from one user and mirror their access to another. #19 from the source URL is the primary command.

This will lock the local computer.

This is to copy the "ADsSecurity.dll" for the WiseSoft Application 'Account Management Spreadsheet' @ '' to the System32 folder & register it.

This batch will backup the current users 'Desktop', 'My Documents', 'Favorites', 'Internet Explorer Wallpaper' (if exists), (local) 'Wallpaper1' (if exists) and the 'Custom' theme (they may be currently running) and puts it all into a folder with the name/date format '%UserProfile As Of %MM.DD.YYYY'. The 'Z:' drive was used in the example here. To specify your destination just replace the 'Z:' with your drive path. UNC Pathing is also supported.

This will set your desired page as the current users homepage in IE. Replace Google in this example to your desired page.

This will force the McAfee client to Collect and Send properties to the server, then forces synchronization.

This will backup the current users Microsoft Outlook 2010 Signatures to your specified destination with the name format '%UserProfile% As Of MM.DD.YYYY'. The 'Z:' drive is used in this scenario. To specify your location, replace the 'Z:' with your drive letter. UNC Pathing is also supported.

The script will Toggle your Proxy on/off status. Simple as that. Perfect for users of Corporate Laptops which need the proxy on for work, and off for Public or Home LAN or WiFi Networks. Reduces the usual 7 clicks thorugh IE Settting to 1 click. Brings up a popup to tell you the status which disappears after 1 second. Change the timeout as you see fit. I've seen too many complicated Apps for configuration of Proxys, but all I wanted was a one click on/off toggle solution and this is what I've done. Hope you like it.

I made a few modifications to Sort the classes, making this already great script a little better.

Script to update group membership from a CSV file.

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