By David Wiseman (Administrator)published 07 Dec 2011, modified 04 Feb 2012
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TSQL DDL Code History TSQL DDL Code History Tool 
A DDL Auditing Tool for SQL Server

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The TSQL DDL Code History Tool tracks DDL Events (schema modifications) that occur in a SQL Server database.  The tool can be used to answer questions like "who changed what and when", providing you with a history of schema changes for any given object in the database.  


  • Tracks DDL Events (schema modifications)
  • Explorer style user interface.  Similar to SQL Server Management Studio
  • See a history of schema changes for any given object in a database.
  • See a history of schema changes made by any given user.
  • See what recent changes have been made on your server/database.
  • Advanced search/filter capabilities when required.
  • Recycle Bin node for objects that no longer exist in the database or databases that no longer exist on the server.
  • Create a point in time DDL Snapshot of your database.
  • Integrates with Source Gear Diff Merge to provide diff comparisons.  
  • Clipboard compare feature to allow compare of any object from any DB - current or DDL history
  • Quick compare option to compare an object in the current database with an object of the same name in another database.
  • Quick database compare to compare DDL of two databases.
  • Export option
  • Red Gate SQL Compare Integration

Video Introduction


Clipboard feature
Diff Merge Integration 

TSQL DDL Code History Tool