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Add all users in OU to Group

Language:  VBScript


Windows XP Unknown Windows 2003 Unknown
Windows 2000 Unknown Windows NT Unknown
Vista Unknown Windows 2008 Yes

Add all the users from a organizational unit (OU) to a group. e.g. Add all users from "Developers" OU to "Developers" group. Could easily be modified to include an additional filter - e.g. Add all users from "Developers" department to "Developers" group.


This script is designed to run in "CSCRIPT" mode.

cscript "MyScriptFile.vbs"

Please change the values in the "Setup" section of the script.  At a minimum, "strRoot", "strGroupName"  and strNETBIOSDomain" would need to be changed to match your own requirements.  You could also change the strFilter to filter for all the users in the "Developers" department instrad of the developers OU. e.g.

strFilter = "(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(department=developers))"


Line Numbers: On  Off      Plain Text

dim strFilter, strRoot, strScope, strGroupName
dim strNETBIOSDomain, strGroupDN
dim cmd, rs,cn, objGroup
dim objSystemInfo
' ********************* Setup *********************

' Default filter for all user accounts (ammend if required)
strFilter = "(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user))"
' scope of search (default is subtree - search all child OUs)
strScope = "subtree"

' search root. e.g. ou=MyUsers,dc=wisesoft,dc=co,dc=uk
strRoot = "OU=Developers,dc=wisesoft,dc=co,dc=uk"

' Group to add
strGroupName = "Developers"

' *************************************************

SET objSystemInfo = CREATEOBJECT("ADSystemInfo") 
'Required for name translate
strNETBIOSDomain = objSystemInfo.DomainShortName

' Convert group name to distinguished name
strGroupDN =  GetDN(strNETBIOSDomain,strGroupName)

set objGroup = getobject("LDAP://" & strGroupDN)
set cmd = createobject("ADODB.Command")
set cn = createobject("ADODB.Connection")
set rs = createobject("ADODB.Recordset") "Provider=ADsDSOObject;"
cmd.activeconnection = cn

cmd.commandtext = "<LDAP://" & strRoot & ">;" & strFilter & ";ADsPath,sAMAccountName;" & strScope

'**** Bypass 1000 record limitation ****"page size")=1000

set rs = cmd.execute

' for each item returned by the Active Directory query
while rs.eof <> true and rs.bof <> true

	on error resume next
	' Add user to group
	objGroup.Add rs("ADsPath")

	' Error handling (user might already be a member of the group)
	if err.number = -2147019886 then
		wscript.echo "User '" & rs("sAMAccountName") & _
			"' is already a member of the '" & objGroup.sAMAccountName & "' group"
	elseif err.number <> 0 then
		wscript.echo "Error: " & err.number & " adding user '" & _
			 rs("sAMAccountName") & "' to the '" & objGroup.sAMAccountName & "' group"
		wscript.echo "Added user '" & rs("sAMAccountName") & "' to the " & _
			objGroup.sAMAccountName & "' group"
	end if

	on error goto 0


' Close ADO connection

' Function to convert name into distinguished name format
Function GetDN(byval strDomain,strObject)
	' Use name translate to return the distinguished name
	' of a user from the NT UserName (sAMAccountName)
	' and the NETBIOS domain name.
	DIM objTrans

	Set objTrans = CreateObject("NameTranslate")
	objTrans.Init 1, strDomain
	objTrans.Set 3, strDomain & "\" & strObject
	GetDN = objTrans.Get(1) 

end function


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