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WiseSoft.co.uk is a free information resource for IT Professionals.  Some of the content on the website requires registration to allow me to keep you informed of product updates.  All the products listed below are FREEWARE applications.  


TSQL DDL Code History Tool TSQL DDL Code History Tool (free)

A free tool used for auditing DDL Events in SQL Server databases (schema modifications).  

 Bulk AD Users (free)

WiseSoft Bulk AD Users is a tool that makes it easy to perform bulk updates to Active Directory User account attributes. Previously you might have wrote scripts to perform these types of updates or gone through a very tedious process of performing these updates one at a time via the ADU&C interface. Bulk AD Users makes this process much simpler and also provides an XML log file that allows you to undo any unwanted updates. The application includes powerful query capabilities and has a number of different ways to allow you to update user account data. e.g. Update From CSV, Edit In Excel, Edit In Grid, Bulk Modify (Similar to the User dialog in ADU&C, but it works on any number of user accounts).

Password Control (free)

Password Control is a simple tool to allow helpdesk staff and system administrators reset passwords of Active Directory User accounts.

Account Management Spreadsheet (free)

Account Management spreadsheet is a tool that allows you to create Active Directory User accounts in Microsoft Excel.  Access to source code now included!

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DBA Daily Checks Email Report
DBAs typically create a number of alerts to inform them of potential problems with their database servers. In addition to these alerts, it's also important to proactively monitor your database servers by running a series of daily checks. The exact checks performed will vary from organization to organization, but some common ones include: • Check backups • Check SQL Server agent jobs • Check disk space • Check free space in database files • Check SQL Server error log • Check Windows event logs ....

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SQL Server CLR IO Utility
A CLR assembly that provides access to various IO utilities found in the .NET framework.

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