By David Wiseman (Submitted By  David Wiseman (Administrator))published 26 Nov 2008
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Password Control 2.5 Preview


A new version of Password Control is expected to be released for beta testing in the next few weeks.  This article gives you a quick preview of some of the new features that will be available in version 2.5.

Suggest a new name for Bulk Password Control!

Bulk Password Control started life as an extension to the Password Control application, making it easy to reset passwords for a large number of user accounts. The application now does a lot more than resetting passwords for user accounts and I feel that the name is no longer appropriate.

If you have any suggestions on a new name, please let me know!  You can post your suggestions on this forum thread.

New Features

• Improved Performance
Performance has been improved in a number of areas of the application. Users with large domains should notice a significant improvement in performance.
• Connect as Feature has been replaced.
The connect as feature uses impersonation to allow you to run the password control application as a different user. I’ve replaced this with a “Connect” dialog that allows you to specify the domain you want to connect to and the credentials to use. The new method makes it easier to connect to different domains or to connect to the domain from a workgroup computer.

• Improved Selection From OU
Multiple OUs can now be selected and performance is much faster when loading large domain trees.

• Improved User selection from query
Similar to the change above, you can select multiple OUs as the search root. The new version also gives you full control over the filter that is used to query Active Directory.
• Improved Selection from Group
The 1000 group limit has been removed in the new version. The UI has been improved and the group list can now be searched.
• Show Password in Clear Text Option
This allows you to see the password you are entering instead of the password character. It’s useful if you want to verify that you’ve entered the new password correctly.
Bulk Password Control Toolbar
The toolbar gives you quick access to the various features of the application
• Password Generation Improvements
Additional options have been added to the password mask to allow you to use proper case or mixed case words.
• View Menu
This allows you to display friendly names in the grid and to toggle the display of the toolbar and password changer. Other menu items have been re-arranged to present them in a more intuitive manor.
• Improved Status Information
The app now shows the number of user accounts processed.
• Command Line parameters
Connection information can be passed to the application via command line parameters. You will also be able to reset passwords and disable/enable accounts via the command line.
• Reset Passwords from CSV
Update from CSV feature has been extended to allow you to reset passwords via this method.