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Password Control 2.5 - Beta Testing


Password Control is a simple utility designed to make it easy for helpdesk staff to reset Active Directory User passwords.  This article explains the new developments in version 2.5 and includes a link for you to download and test the beta version.

New Features

  • Bulk Password Control is now a seperate application called Bulk AD Users.
    Bulk AD Users is a powerful application designed to make it easy for network administrators to perform bulk updates to Active Directory User attributes.  The decision was made for this to be a seperate application - you can download the beta here
  • Connect as Feature has been replaced.
    The old version only allowed you to specify the domain and connection details via the Password Control interface.  The connect as feature used impersonation to allow you to run as a different user - This was problematic if you wanted to run the application from a workgroup computer or connect to a non-trusted domain.  The new connect feature makes it much easier to connect to your domain.
  • Show Password in Clear Text Option
    This allows you to see the password you are entering instead of the password character. It’s useful if you want to verify that you’ve entered the new password correctly.
  • Command Line parameters
    Connection information can be passed to the application via command line parameters.
  • Console Version
    A console version is provided that allows you to reset passwords, enable, disable and unlock accounts.

Download and start Beta Testing!

Password Control version 2.5 is currently under beta testing.  Beta testing gives you to opportunity to use the application before the official release date and to provide feedback to help improve the quality of the application.  Your time spent testing the application and providing feedback is very much appreciated.

Download Now!

Installation Instructions

The beta version does not have an installer.  Please ensure that you have version 2.0 of the .NET framework installed on your computer.  Extract the files from the zip to a folder on your local computer and double-click the "PasswordControl.exe" file to launch the application.

Help & Documentation

There is no updated documentation at this point in time.  I'm working on producing updated documentation for Password Control 2.5, but much of the old documentation will still apply. If you are unable to find an answer, please post your question on the forum and I'll do my best to provide you with an answer

Feedback & Bug Reports

You can submit feedback and report any bugs via the forum.