By David Wiseman (Administrator)published 06 Feb 2008, modified 02 Mar 2009
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HTA (HTML Application) Introduction

What is a HTA?

A HTA (HTML Application) allows you to use internet explorer as a GUI for your scripts.  As the name suggests, HTAs are HTML files that have been saved with a HTA file extension.  VBScript can be used within the HTA to perform administrative tasks.

How do I create a HTA?

HTAs are text files saved with a "*.HTA" file extension.  This means that you can create HTAs using Notepad.  When you save a HTA in notepad be sure to enclose the name in double quotes. e.g. "MyScript.hta".  The double quotes will ensure that the file gets saved with the right extension (instead of MyScript.hta.txt).

Although you can use notepad to develop HTAs, programs like NotePad++ can help with HTA development.  You can also use any HTML editor application - Dreamweaver, FrontPage etc to assist with your development of a HTA.

How do I run a HTA?

Simply double-click the HTA file.

Further Reading

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