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Automatically start AppFabric distributed cache service at startup with email notification

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A DDL Auditing Solution
By implementing a DDL Auditing solution you can capture data definition language events (CREATE TABLE, ALTER PROCEDURE etc), allowing you to answer important questions like who changed what and when. It can give you a complete history of changes that have been made to objects in your database, detailing when each change was made and who the change was made by. Auditing of DDL events can be done automatically, providing you with a lightweight, zero effort solution that documents what changes have occurred in your server/database...

SQL Server database backup script. Can be used to backup all databases on a SQL server instance or include/exclude specific databases. Backups can be automatically deleted after a specified period of time.

Enable and Disable USB ports.. Run as admin on vista and above

make your user form transparent. value starts from 200 and below.. the lower the value the more transparent it becomes.., the value should not exceed 200, otherwise it generates an error..

DDL Code History Tool tracks DDL Events (schema modifications) that occur in a SQL Server database. The tool can be used to answer questions like "who changed what and when", providing you with a history of schema changes for any given object in the database.

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The Pros/Cons of IT Certification
This article discusses the pros pros/cons of IT Certification as well as offering some related career advice.

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DBA Daily Checks Email Report
DBAs typically create a number of alerts to inform them of potential problems with their database servers. In addition to these alerts, it's also important to proactively monitor your database servers by running a series of daily checks. The exact checks performed will vary from organization to organization, but some common ones include: • Check backups • Check SQL Server agent jobs • Check disk space • Check free space in database files • Check SQL Server error log • Check Windows event logs ....

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SQL Server CLR IO Utility
A CLR assembly that provides access to various IO utilities found in the .NET framework.

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SSMS 2008 Tip - Trace Query In SQL Server Profiler
Describes the "Trace Query In SQL Server Profiler" feature in SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

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