Brent Ozar PLF Blog posts and videos with lots of useful information on SQL Server performance tuning and SQL Server in general. Hits: 30
SQL Sentry Plan Explorer This free tool makes it much easier to read SQL Server query plans - essential when you need to performance tune your queries. Hits: 13
SQL Server Central A site full of useful SQL Server scripts and articles. Register with the site for a free newsletter - very useful! Hits: 53
SQL Server Performance Dashboard Reports Useful reports to add to SQL Server management studio. Hits: 28
Sql-Server-Performance Great site for SQL Server performance related info. Lots of useful information. Hits: 75 An excellent source of information for SQL Server written by industry experts. Hits: 25
sqlCrunch Useful SQL Server links Hits: 16
SSMS Tools Pack Free add in for SQL Server Management Studio with lots of useful features. Hits: 28
dBForums Database Forums - Good site to help you solve any database issues and client side development. Hits: 63
DevX Forums Developer/Database Forums - Get help with software development and database issues. Hits: 24
EduGeek “The educational IT professionals life line” If you work for a school, college or university, check out this website. Hits: 287
Minasi Forums Writer/Speaker Mark Minasi's online forum. If you need help with Active Directory, Windows Server or other Microsoft technologies, there are plenty of experts on this website to give you a hand. Hits: 158
Free Software
7 Zip Free Compression Software Hits: 34
Ad-Aware SE Personal Free spyware removal Hits: 16
AVG Anti-Virus Free anti-virus software Hits: 21
Easy Duplicate Finder Find duplicate files on your hard drive. Hits: 137
Gadwin PrintScreen Free screen capture software. Hits: 138 Free Tools/Utilities for system admins. Hits: 516
Microsoft Script Encoder Software to obfuscate scripts, preventing the casual user from viewing the code of your scripts. (Note there are tools that can convert your obfuscated script back to plain text) Hits: 86
NetDrive Map an FTP location as a network drive. Hits: 157
NEUTEX Free web based network inventory tool for Active Directory networks. Easy to setup and use. Hits: 464
Notepad ++ Developer tool for editing source code (vbscript, C#, CSS, KiXtart, SQL...) Hits: 110
SharpDevelop Free C# and VB.NET IDE. Very Cool. Hits: 95
SourceGear DiffMerge Allows you to compare two text files and it will highlight any differences between them. It's a great tool for the developer - compare two versions of source code and highlight the changes. Can also be used to compare entire folders. (Cross Platform too!) Hits: 37
SQL Server Express Free DBMS! Hits: 43
SQL Server Management Studio Tools Pack Adds useful features to the SQL Server Management Studio. Hits: 36
SQL SPY A tool to display, monitor and report on valuable SQL Server information. A really impressive freeware application for SQL Server! Hits: 115
Vallen e-Mailer Bulk email tool. Hits: 150
Windows Defender Microsoft's free anti-spyware/anti-popup software Hits: 12 This website is full of useful utilities... Hits: 354
Hilltop Lab (Richard Mueller) Great scripting website! Hits: 853
TechNet Script Center Microsoft's Script Website - Lots of useful scripts. Hits: 318
System Administration Articles, Forums and lots of useful information. Hits: 291
telnet 25 Blog site with lots of useful information on Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. Hits: 327 Resource site for system admins. Forums, articles (citrix, terminal server...) Hits: 498