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Directory Service Comparison Tool
A tool that allows you to compare your Active Directory database with a previously created snapshot. It also allows you to re-synchronize your Active Directory database with the snapshot, restoring modified attributes and even performing reanimation of deleted objects...

WiseSoft Bulk AD Users is a tool that makes it easy to perform bulk updates to Active Directory User account attributes. Previously you might have wrote scripts to perform these types of updates or gone through a very tedious process of performing these updates one at a time via the ADU&C interface. Bulk AD Users makes this process much simpler and also provides an XML log file that allows you to undo any unwanted updates. The application includes powerful query capabilities and has a number of different ways to allow you to update user account data. e.g. Update From CSV, Edit In Excel, Edit In Grid, Bulk Modify (Similar to the User dialog in ADU&C, but it works on any number of user accounts).

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Defragmenting an Active Directory Database
Like its predecessors, Windows Server 2008 keeps the Active Directory healthy by periodically performing an automated defragmentation. Although this defragmentation works, it does not compact the database. Periodically performing an offline defragmentation is a great way to get some of your domain controller’s disk space back. In fact, I have seen real life situations in which an Active Directory database shrunk to 1/6th of its original size after an offline defragmentation...

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Working with Active Directory Snapshots in Windows Server 2008
A snapshot is a shadow copy—created by the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)—of the volumes that contain the Active Directory database and log files. With Active Directory snapshots, you can view the data inside such a snapshot on a domain controller without the need to start the server in Directory Services Restore Mode...

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Basic Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) Scripting
A quick introduction to Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) Scripting. This technology allows you to modify and query directory services like Active Directory and Windows NT.

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Password Control 2.5 - Beta Testing
An opportunity to beta test Password Control version 2.5, a simple utility to allow helpdesk staff reset Active Directory User Passwords.

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WiseSoft Bulk AD Users - Beta Testing!
Your opportunity to beta test WiseSoft Bulk AD Users! A tool that makes it simple to perform updates to large numbers of Active Directory user accounts. This application used to be part of Password Control, but it's now a separate application called "Bulk AD Users". Bulk AD Users is faster, more efficient and has more features than its predecessor...

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Password Control 2.5 Preview
A preview of the new features coming in version 2.5 of Password Control.

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Password Control and Bulk Modify for Active Directory
Independant review of Password Control/Bulk Modify by Daniel Petri from

One of the most tedious day-to-day tasks for Active Directory administrators in medium to large organizations is the management of user accounts and their respective information, things such as resetting user passwords, clearing account lockouts, updating of phone numbers and additional information...

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Take control of Domain Passwords with Password Control
Independant review of Password Control by Terry Watts from

There are many ways to change passwords on a Windows Active Directory Domain. Users can change their own passwords on the workstation. However for Network administrators there are not any built-in tools for administrating other user network passwords, unless you Remote Desktop to the Domain Controller or have installed the local support tools for Active Directory...

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